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Real Wedding – Steven & Sharon

Steven and Sharon


I got a frantic call about six weeks before the nuptials for this Real Wedding couple Steven and Sharon.  The groom called me while I was directing a wedding rehearsal saying that he needed help quickly for his beloved fiance who was at the end of her sanity and he didn’t know what he was going to do.  I met Sharon the next week.  I assured her that I could take everything off her hands and she could begin to refocus on what was important about her special day.  It was a pleasure to actually watch this lovely young woman exhale right in front of my eyes!   

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Steven Devore and Enjoy Beauty!    


Wedding Photography by Dimagery Photography   

Ceremony Decor by Rene’John Designs  


These ushers taught me a thing or two! The photographer caught them in action.












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Event Lighting



Most people don’t like a cake without the frosting.   Well I say if you leave out lighting at your event, you have definitely left the frosting off of the cake!

Lighting in an event adds ambience, brings attention to and creates the ultimate WOW factor that we are all looking for.  Lighting is definitely a must have, especially when most receptions are held during the evening.

Event lighting should be added to your floral budget.  Many times lighting can be used in place of flowers, such as loads of candlelight which always adds ambience.  Or add lighting to your floral arrangements to bring attention to the arrangements.  It doesn’t make sense to have a beautiful floral arrangement and you can’t see it in a dimly lit room!

When we refer to lighting we are not speaking of just flooding a room with brightness.  We want to manipulate the colors and intensity of the lighting to highlight what we want seen and to hide what we don’t want to see.

There are several ways to do this.

Colorwashing – When colorwashing a room, we want to add color(s) around the circumrence of the room and/or from the ceiling.  This can be done with uplighting from the floor and lighting from above.  The lighting from above is usually done by attaching lighting to existing fixtures on the ceiling.

Pin-Spotting – To highlight your table centerpieces, have your lighting technician add a pin-spot from the ceiling on each of your reception tables.  Pin-spot the cake table, bars, and buffet arrangements as well.  And let’s not forget the band!

Gobos – Gobos are made with gobo projectors that project light in specific designs.  For example you can get a gobo image in a monogram for the dance floor or a focal wall at your reception.   Many lighting companies have hundreds of gobo designs already in stock that they can offer or you can get your own custom gobo to make your event unique. 

You need to be very careful as to the color of lighting that is directed at people.  Use people friendly colors such as pink, lavender, and amber.  Do not aim colors such as blues, greens or yellows at people.

Here is a beautiful example of event lighting, courtesy of Scott Brown Media Group.


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A Letter To My Brides


A new year is upon us!  Many of you have gotten engaged over the holidays and are anxious to begin your wedding plans!  How exciting, a new year and a new life with a partner that you love so much.

I would just like to take this time to speak to you before it gets really crazy in your life and in mine.  I am requesting of my brides this year to prioritize their lives.  Please put what is most important first.  We are living in a time where many of us have never been affected by such a negative economy.  As a country we are dealing with several wars at a time and many of our loved ones are among the fighting men and women defending our country.

When planning a wedding, it is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle.  The many money issues, family politics, time constraints, wedding vendors, etc.  If we make a conscious choice to go into the planning of our weddings with what is most important, we can minimize some of the stress involved.

Melody, when Drew asked you to marry him, did he say that you had to wear a $6,000 dollar designer wedding gown or he would never look at you again as his one true love?  Susan, did Blake tell you that those 250 cupcakes had to be perfect when you both knew you had a very limited budget?  Donna, will you delay your wedding once again because the perfect church in your mind is not available again on that date?  Keisha, why would you put someone in your wedding that causes you so much stress?  Isn’t this your wedding? 

By the way, all of the above brides are fictitious.  I just wanted to give you some examples of scenarios that you all may be experiencing.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, this wedding/marriage is about you and your fiance.  Keep this in mind when beginning the most important time of your life!

Honored to be your wedding planner,


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REAL WEDDING – Lindsay & Ryan

variousweddingpictures2 025

Lindsay & Ryan


Real Wedding couple Lindsay & Ryan are beautiful inside and out.  I met Lindsay and her mother at a bridal show and her mother loss my business card.  They went on a hunt for me for about a month before we reconnected.  What an honor it was to participate in this wedding.

Blair Phillips Photography who I absolutely love, took these wonderful shots of the wedding. 

Floral Design by Rene’John Designs.

Enjoy Beauty!


krider wedding 001



krider wedding 003



krider wedding 005



krider wedding 002



krider wedding 010



krider wedding 011



krider wedding 006



krider wedding 015



krider wedding 014



krider wedding 012



variousweddingpictures2 027



krider wedding 009



krider wedding 018



krider wedding 019


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