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These are the policies of  Rene’ John Designs  blog.   



Rene’ John Designs is published and written by Rene’ Davenport.  All of the opinions written are from her.

The information that is posted on this blog entitled Rene’John Designs is for educational and informational purposes only.

Any guest bloggers posting on this blog have their own opinions and Rene’John Designs will not be held responsible for guest bloggers content in their posts.

Rene’ John Designs reserves the right to link to third-party sites in our posts.  Rene’ John Designs is not responsible for the content or opinions expressed on those sites.

Rene’ John Designs reserves the right to modify or delete content at any time without prior notification.



All written content on the Rene’ John Designs  blog is copyrighted to Rene’John Designs.

All photos on Rene’John Designs are copyrighted to their respective photographers.  Rene’John Designs recognizes all pictures by linking to the photographers’  websites.



Content from Rene’John Designs may be reproduced or re-posted in part.  Please donot copy whole post.  Up to a paragraph is accepted without permission. 


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