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Event Lighting



Most people don’t like a cake without the frosting.   Well I say if you leave out lighting at your event, you have definitely left the frosting off of the cake!

Lighting in an event adds ambience, brings attention to and creates the ultimate WOW factor that we are all looking for.  Lighting is definitely a must have, especially when most receptions are held during the evening.

Event lighting should be added to your floral budget.  Many times lighting can be used in place of flowers, such as loads of candlelight which always adds ambience.  Or add lighting to your floral arrangements to bring attention to the arrangements.  It doesn’t make sense to have a beautiful floral arrangement and you can’t see it in a dimly lit room!

When we refer to lighting we are not speaking of just flooding a room with brightness.  We want to manipulate the colors and intensity of the lighting to highlight what we want seen and to hide what we don’t want to see.

There are several ways to do this.

Colorwashing – When colorwashing a room, we want to add color(s) around the circumrence of the room and/or from the ceiling.  This can be done with uplighting from the floor and lighting from above.  The lighting from above is usually done by attaching lighting to existing fixtures on the ceiling.

Pin-Spotting – To highlight your table centerpieces, have your lighting technician add a pin-spot from the ceiling on each of your reception tables.  Pin-spot the cake table, bars, and buffet arrangements as well.  And let’s not forget the band!

Gobos – Gobos are made with gobo projectors that project light in specific designs.  For example you can get a gobo image in a monogram for the dance floor or a focal wall at your reception.   Many lighting companies have hundreds of gobo designs already in stock that they can offer or you can get your own custom gobo to make your event unique. 

You need to be very careful as to the color of lighting that is directed at people.  Use people friendly colors such as pink, lavender, and amber.  Do not aim colors such as blues, greens or yellows at people.

Here is a beautiful example of event lighting, courtesy of Scott Brown Media Group.


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